Saturday, December 21, 2013

What is the best publishing platform on the internet

If you are a blogger I'm glad you are here, because I want somehow to share my thoughts on what is the best publishing platform on the internet with you, so I can help you to avoid wasting your time in useless online practices.

You have read about online marketing, they talk about this from many different perspectives. Some of them told you that money is in the list and if you don't catch those contacts your blogging efforts are useless.

Some others talk out loud about the growth of social media and google+ predicting that no one can achieve any results online without using these kind of communication channels.

I want to clarify exactly this matter once and forever to you based on what I've experienced and on what you go through every single day.

The big confusion 

As you know, in order to succeed online you don't need just exposure, but you need loyal readers who respect and trust your thoughts. You might want to make money online, or be popular, or improve your carrier by using the power of internet, but you will achieve none of these objectives without readers who admire what you say.

I'm personally using all the big mediums, I'm on facebook, g+, twitter, etc. But no one read my statuses and tweets and thinks: ''Wow, this tweet occupied my heart, this guy is good''.

On the other hand many of my blog readers have searched my name on facebook and twitter after they have read some of my blog posts.

I add many unknown people on my social media profiles, but I get comments and messages only from those who came there from my blogs. They are the one who truly care about what I say.

This happens because publications on social media can't build that deep human connection, even though the reach is higher.

While a blog post is of a great length, it contains deep analyses, thoughts and facts, expressed in the proper way. People remain contented with blog posts if they are interested in their topics, so it's normal that readers will feel connected and will respect the author.

This respect is the only reason they remember the author and click every link he tells them to click. Can you earn such a respect with some tweets?

Well, I write a lot on twitter and fb, but the only reason people click my links there is their boredom. They click my links only when they become curious about the topic or when they have nothing else to do.

But what about email marketing?

Isn't email a better medium than a blog? Many bloggers have stated that their email lists have done the difference in their businesses. Almost all email subscribers open their emails and click their links, they buy recommended products and the business goes great.

But again we have to ask why. Why are email subscribers so responsive to these emails? Is it just because they have to open and read everything that comes to their inbox?

Again, we need to think a bit about the reason they subscribed to that email list. Because that's why they read emails to the end after they find them in their inbox. They liked the author's ideas when they read his blog at first, then they read his emails.

So email lists are a great medium to succeed online, but that success isn't its success, it's just the pasqyrimi of what is achieved in the blog.

It was the blog that gave the authority and likability to its author, and when you send an email, you are just telling your true readers that you have something else to say.

Without the true connection that comes from your deep writings, everything you share on other mediums is pure advertising, and only a few people respond to it.

Yes, you can share great ideas and long posts on facebook ang google+, but then you need to find yourself manually what Mrs Google gives you automatically for free.

While if you publish those long and quality articles on a blog, your readers can follow you on fb, email list and g+ on their own.

All you need to happen happens in your blog quickly, other mediums can be used to advertise your blog and to save the connection your blog has built, so if you want to be effective online invest your time and efforts where they give results.

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