Monday, December 23, 2013

Hypocrisy and Insensitivity

2 months ago she asked Anita to help her with an event. Bringing 5 people there was something Anita could easily do, further more Gina called her in her name as she always knew her. Maybe she had heard good words about her and she wanted to be friends with Anita.

There was no reason to not help such a nice girl, why should Anita not reciprocate to her respectful demand? ''Yes, sure, I'm so glad to help you with your event'' she said to Gina assuring her with her smiling eyes.

Gina's eyes smiled back and told Anita with a sweat voice that she didn't know how to thank her for generous help. Anita left Gina with a unmistakable feeling that she had met a great person and maybe that kind of friend she had always wanted to have.

After two weeks she went to that event and brought her 5 friends there as she had promised to Gina. The event was very entertaining and Gina thanked personally several times Anita during the event when they occasionally were together.

One week later Anita was going to school while she saw Gina. She had enjoyed very much her company at that event so she immediately went to greed her. ''Hi Gina how do you do'' she said smiling. Gina turned her head, said hi then she continued the conversation with her friends as Anita wasn't there.

Anita was not understanding what was happening, but this surely wasn't a good thing. Anita's eyes became wet for a moment, then she went on in her way. Maybe someone has told Gina a bad lie about her, but no one hated her so much as to do that.

She brought to memory everything that had happened between her and Gina, but she couldn't find any explanation about that ignoring. Was she a hypocrite and egoist person? If she is, why she sounds so nice and why is she so friendly with some others?

Time passed, but Anita couldn't understand why Gina never talked to her anymore. She was so angry about that as she didn't even want to ask her why she did that.

But today Anita is having a coffee with her friend in a bar and she suddenly notices Gina walking toward her with a big smile in her face.  Maybe she has her friends somewhere in the bar and she was going there. But strangely she stopped in front of Anita and said ''Hello my friend, how are you doing''?

Anita is now giving a polite answer but with a cold voice. Gina is keeping the conversation going with her in a friendly tone, but she isn't giving any explanation about what she had done. For Anita, she looks a good girl now. Maybe she had mistakenly expected more than she had to from her.

Anyway Anita is very confused so she asks her why she hadn't talked to her all this time. Gina smiles and says that she had been too busy with important matters, but she has a high consideration about her. Important matters? High consideration? Really?

Gina asked her again for her help for another even. Suddenly Gina's smile lost all her magic. Yes, she is a cheeky girl that thinks she can use Anita whenever she needs her then forget about her as she was her soldier. How can she treat her like that?

Anita tries to control her angriness and answers her coldly: ''No, I'm busy''. Gina looks at her for a better meaning, but Anita turns her head to her friend and ignores Gina completely. Gina laughs out loud and tries to talk ironically about the situation and Anita's answer,

but Anita knows what she does, she can't allow anyone to take advantage of her, nor doing it so openly as she can't understand it. Anita now is silent, she doesn't pay attention to Gina's reaction, no matter how sarcastic she sounds.

Egoist and hypocrite people insult her intelligence, but she ignores them immediately after she discovers them, and strangely, they love her about that. Maybe these egoist people understand that that is exactly what they deserve and they admire those who know how to react properly to that.

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