Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who are All Illuminati Members

Everything you've heard about illuminati are lies. People talk about them everywhere, but unless you understand the hidden motives that make them say such lies you can't know the truth.

That's why before I tell you who are all illuminati members of this ''secret society'', let me show you all today's usages of the idea of illuminati and masoneria.

Usages of illuminati in today's society 

The idea of illuminati as a powerful secret society is exploited by many communities in order to achieve their own objectives, but in this post I'll show you the most common usages.

Masoneria: Illuminati itself is interested to spread the word about a powerful society that controls the world. Are you wondering why? It's simple, they are always in need for new members in order to make their big scam work.

New world order, celebrities who have joined them, secret knowledge, are the usual lies they like to spread in order to make their sect look more attractive to potential new members.

Religions: Many people who talk about illuminati are religious people. If they do it they are either sect members who appear religious or just true believers who have no idea what they are doing. A dangerous enemy is the most effective idea to increase the fanaticism of followers.

Religions need devoted followers who are willing to accept every commandment, they don't need some people who only believe in God. So religions talk about an evil society called illuminati in order to create that polarity of ''we against them'' that makes followers more loyal and fanatic.

Such people represent illuminati as a society that has relations with the devil. This is only an imaginary enemy created by them for their interests, because illuminati isn't what they present to others.

Attention: Many others use the idea of illuminati only to attract attention. They don't have any deep intention in their mind when they talk about it. They either want to look more interesting or just want to attract more traffic to their webpages for commercial purposes.

I'm doing the same thing with this article and I expect a huge additional audience from this post, but instead of telling you those attractive lies I chosen to tell you the truth.

Terrorism: You'll be surprised if you saw how easy it is for muslims of the middle east to believe that a big conspiracy is working against Islam. (Read Covert hypnosis techniques)

Islam talks about Dajjal (antichrist) and that's a part of Islam's beliefs, but some cruel individuals are doing everything to relate Dajjal with illuminati in order to convert true innocent muslims to terrorists.

This branch of ''illuminati fighters'' think that USA and Europe are the army of illuminati that should be destroyed. It's easy to misinterpret Kuran verses so if any muslim is reading this, don't believe any interpretation of the Kuran that relates It's verses to Jihad.

It might not be Jihad in reality, I've heard myself many different opinions about some verses so it's understandable that at least some of them are human made and speculation.

Who are all those illuminati members

So, if everybody is presenting illuminati in the way they want, what is it in reality? Who are all those illuminati members that today's opinion tries to dehumanize in that level?

Of course illuminati members are not angel, but let's dig deeper in history to know when did it start, how and why. In a few words the history of illuminati began a bit before than nazism was created in Germany. They were both racist sects that tried to attract as many members as they could from their race.

Illuminati ideology said that hebrew race was superior and should dominate the world, while nazism claimed the same goal but in aryan race's favor.

In the beginning they were both backward sects populated with poor criminals who were trying to fool others that their sect was dominating the world, but that wasn't true of course. It's funny that illuminati is doing the same thing today and many people believe that hebrews are controlling the world.

Then Hitler used this sect to achieve his own desires for power and domination. He transformed nazism into a political party and led it to destruction with his own end. (Read Propaganda and your opinions)

Illuminati however was never infected by any Jewish Hitler, so it continues to exist today as an ordinary attractive cult with pickpocket members that scams innocent people in order to dominate their little pockets.

But illuminati members are far from what people say though, yes, they are skilled scammers, but nothing else. They don't conspire, nor do they control the world.

The world have always been dominated from talented people who were strong, decisive and persistent, not by races. And so will be forever. (Read Strength of will rules the world)