Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What Would You Do if You Had 1 $ Billion

I don't want to trigger your imagination with the title above. I have to highlight something important that happens when you don't care about money, and I think having 1 $ billion would put all of you in the position of not caring about money.

What would you do if you had 1 $ billion? You are thinking differently of this question now, huh? The point is that people desire all the pleasures that only money can buy when their money are limited.

So the most common answers would be: If I had 1 $ billion I would travel all the world, I would buy Ferrari or helicopter, I would organize parties everyday, etc.

This is ok, but I don't think you would desire the same things if you had that money. That's how the mind works. When you have the money, you automatically want the things that money can't give you.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have 1 $ billion myself, but I can understand this phenomenon because it happens with all of us in smaller degrees.

I think if we didn't care about money, we would answer that question differently, like: I would help all my friends get rid of their problems, I would dedicate myself totally to my favorite hobbies,

I would connect with people more deeply on mind and heart level not just with my physical presence, I would do the work that brings me happiness even though I don't get any money from it, etc.

Now, the strange thing is that we can do all these things even if we don't have too much money, but we find an excuse like money to escape from them. (Read A mullti Lambhorhini owner shares a story)

Of course I'm not saying that you must do such things when you are broke, but when you earn enough money to pay your bills and your lifestyle you fall in the trap of wanting the pleasures of money by forgetting the happiness that your passions can bring to you.

The pleasure of passion is incomparable with the pleasure of a few more dollars. I think we get this wrong mindset in the moments we are broke. When we are broke we need to sacrifice many passions in order to get money, otherwise we can't think of something else in that situation.

But when we have a good job and a good amount of money we tend to keep the same poor mindset we had before and overvalue the money. (Read 3 Dangers of being a materialistic person)

However sooner or later we understand that happiness is more important than success. Doing something you love brings you more pleasure than the extra money you would earn by doing something you hate to do.

So make money your slave, don't become the slave of money.