Thursday, May 2, 2013

Law of Attraction is BS

Whenever people talk about success they mention law of attraction like it is the only answer of every extraordinary result. They trust everything they have heard about it.

A few years ago I watched a documentary called ''the secret'' on TV then I bought a handbook with the same title. I read that book just because I was curious, I didn't believe anything of those BS.

Those fake priests who were promoting the law of attraction showed a strange story. Someone wrote down his goal to make one $ million, then the universe caught his thoughts and responded to him by causing in his mind the idea of writing and selling a book.

That person realized that plan and made one $ million. Yes he achieved his goal, because he came up with a successful business plan and realized it.  But what I don't understand is what universe had to do with that.

If it was for the universe, that guy would remain broke forever, but thinking about any goal and writing it down activates all inner resources to work toward that goal. (read Why should you write your goals down)

The idea of a Godly Universe might attract more believers and followers because it satisfies the lazy part of humans, but it simply isn't true.

Yes it's a great business idea, that's why the majority of online publishers would prefer to promote it for a few more dollars, but all this evangelism doesn't mean law of attraction is real.

It's evangelism can't change the fact that it is a big scam designed only to get your money.