Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Enter His Soul But Respect Divine Places

Women are great in entering men's souls, even their careful rejections can warm a man's mind completely.

They don't want to hurt men, this is so sensitive, and very attractive. It's so attractive as it can occupy the cruel souls and spark the softest feeling there.

A man's soul is divine, females are naturally very respectful to them. But what men can't understand is being sensitive toward someone you don't care about.

Thus, a man usually believes that the women who kindly rejected him is lying. And the real pain is going to come after many passionate efforts to win the woman.

What a mess! Women don't want to hurt men, so they don't reject properly. They enter his soul, then break it in thousands pieces

Sometimes it's very difficult for a woman to stay away from his heart, it just happens. Genders are different in thoughts and in the way the fall in love.

Maybe you entered his soul unintentionally, but if you are there, don't mess things up. You were sensitive at first, so go on that way.

Reject clearly, even if it hurts. Leave no room for assumptions. Kill his hope deadly, and it will be less painful for him. No jokes with feelings, they are the most honest part of the human nature, they're divine.

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