Monday, August 26, 2013

Blogging isn't Dead - Social Media Networks Are

I've had some conversation with people about blogging on my twitter account and many of them announce their ideas about what's going on on the online world.

They say that blogging is very saturated these days, competition is high and social media (facebook, twitter and google+) is growing faster than ever.

Thus, there is no need to exist in a saturated platform when you could go with a platform that is growing fart, huh?

Well, it's not that simple, and things are far from how they seem to be, here is why:

Social media networks suffer for attention: The more people network with each other, the less attention they pay to other's updates.

So you can grow your nr of followers very fast on facebook or twitter, but you'll have to compete with thousands of nonsense distractions there, so you might end up losing against low quality content that is updated nonstop.

Traffic: Your updates on twitter might get thousands of views in 5 minutes, however that twitt is dead after an hour. But your well ranked blog posts never die, they get traffic everyday even though they are lost on blog's archive.

You might think that you can solve this problem of social networks by updating often, so you can get big exposure everyday, but that's only repeated exposure.

Repeated exposure is fine, and important, but you need new people to come and read your stuff everyday. A social media account can't do that well. A blog that attracts 300 readers a day is better, because it attracts 300 new readers, and new audience is very important especially for marketing products.

Influence: Recent studies on social media have discovered that blogs do better in influencing and shaping people's opinions about products and buying decisions. People trust blogs more than facebook or twitter accounts.

You can't communicate authority and expertise with a short status update, but a topical blog post that is explained in depth with detailed thoughts is more trustworthy and conveys the confidence of knowing what the author is talking about.

As you see, blogging isn't dead, social media networks are, because it's not the place you can put your products and make business, it doesn't attract the right people like google does, and it isn't a convincing tool to be taken seriously like a blog is.

Yes, it's becoming harder to get traffic with blogs, but if you stand out by developing your writing style and voice many people will like you and won't abandon your blog.

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