Friday, February 8, 2013

The Fastest Way to Earn Money Writing

You would be in extasy if you manage to get a certain popularity or money from writing articles in the web.

Blogging is one way to do that, but it's not the fastest one anymore, because everybody promotes a blog nowadays.

Writing a Blog might be the best alternative to get money or fame in the long run, but if you want fast results you should consider selling your articles for $10 or more (depends on your skills) to corporate blogs and websites.

They are in big need of new content because today their traffic is so depended on the frequency of updates and on the amount of their content.

Corporates make a lot of money from dominating key niches, that's why they will be so happy to pay you $10 for each article you write for them.

You can easily find such writing tasks in Real Writing Jobs and start selling articles you write from today, but I highly recommend you to follow a strategy in your work.

If you produce very interesting articles you won't only get money, but you will build a great reputation and fame that you can use to make your own blog popular very fast.

So it's better to set high standarts about your writings. AMJ journalists have the highest standarts about stuffs they publish. They avoid writing about familiar topics,because familiarity will give the impression of over discussed and repeated ideas inside the article.

So they draw readers in by talking about original topics generated from connections between different sciences.

They also trigger curiosity in readers by making the title promising such a different content, but they structure titles in a way that readers can not guess the conclusion in the end.

I suggest you to read about them and apply their standarts in articles you will write in order to attract attention in the blogosphere and profit from it.

This is a choice you should make in your own depended on your goals, but if your goal is earning things fast, then this is a great way. It will also encourage you to go on writing as you won't suffer from not getting results for a long time.