Thursday, February 21, 2013

How does Motivation Strengthen Your Personality

You might judge a highly motivated person as a winner and as a strong man. You don't even know how successful he really is, but you just notice that he has

a strong will and a big desire when he tries to get his things done. When people encounter such a person they usually think: ''Waw, this guy is strong like rock''.

In fact these impressions aren't accidental or manipulative. People see all the time how their motivated peers achieve everything they want and seems like nothing can stop them from it.

In reality strong characters do suffer failures as much as weak people do. They also get disappointed and depressed from the cruel obstacles of reality. Break ups put them down. When they lose their jobs they perceive the world in black colors. Rejections attack their confidence and make them feel terrific pain.

So, how can they get up again so easily? How can they disbelieve those sad facts and move against them? Why don't they procrastinate and give up like many other people do in similar desperate situations?

Of course, the answer is in their strong desire to get a better life. Their strong motivation triggers and moves their souls. They want to improve their current situation, and they want it so badly as fear, doubts and disappointment can't be excuses to accept their current life.

On the other hand people who appear weak, undecided and procrastinators in reality just lack that strong motivation to go ahead. Maybe they don't know what they want, or they are just a bit indifferent. That's why they don't act vigorously, or they give up after some tries. This fools them to believe they are helpless and weak.

So many times the difference between a strong and a weak personality is motivation. It doesn't matter how much you are suffering and feeling disappointed, if you really want something badly, you will become strong enough to move toward it. Motivation strengthens your personality and developing it is the best way to be a strong personality.

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