Saturday, January 26, 2013

What is the Correct Meaning of Success

Success principles are largely discussed by many people who want to improve your character and your behavior. You will notice that the word success is used in many different contests in different places.

Hence everybody is talking about success on their own meaning, you may be wondering when are you considered really successful? What is the meaning of success?

That’s why I have to write a post about this topic in order to clarify the right definitions of this word. You can not understand success as it was only one thing, because it has and must have different correct meanings.

The general definition of success

Whenever you here the word success, your mind tries to associate this word with big achievements. Each field or industry has its own most successful people who are those that have realized the biggest achievements in their fields.

Lionel Messi is one of the most successful football players and Obama is one of the most successful politicians. The same way you can label someone as a successful lover, or a successful student when they have achieved admirable and extraordinary results in love or studying.

So the general definition of success is achieving extraordinary results in a certain field. These results may be big money, big popularity, huge influence, big carrier advancements or high status.

Creating your own meaning of success

Your happiness does not always depend on achieving extraordinary results on a certain field. Not everybody needs to be the best, the most popular or the highest paid person in his activity field to feel self realized. On the other hand some people need it, but they are indifferent to achieve those results, so the end up depressed.

So the first step to create your own meaning of success is to determine what you really need, then strengthen your motivation to achieve only the goals that can really be significant to you.

This is important because if you aim to achieve only the success that world has define as success, then you will be pleasing and impressing the world instead of making happy your own self.

Different personalities need different meanings about success

The perfect success is achieving results that let people admire you, but that can cause you a deep satisfaction and happiness when you achieve it at the same time. If you feel happy being an average writer, then why aiming to be a best seller? Many people will still admire your great work, even if you aren’t the most famous writer.

This might sound a bit controversial with what I previously said, but people have different personalities. If you have an artistic soul, you won’t tolerate working as an accountant for long hours even if you earn more money than others. But you will feel happier earning the half of the money through working in a creative job.

Different personalities need different lifestyles too. So if you are so social, you will feel better only if you work in a job that allows you to have a lot of free time. That’s why goals must be based on your real desires and personality, because the real meaning of success is to achieve YOUR desires whatever they are.